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We've been building
quality homes for
over 30 years?

  Based in Wigan, we are a proud family company established in 1979 by Jim and Gladys Boylan with a vision to create homes of unsurpassed style and quality.

This vision continues to influence every development we undertake. Today, as a company, we are recognised for innovation and a genuine talent for anticipating the practical and aspirational requirements of homebuyers throughout the North West.

Step through the door of any Dorbcrest home and you'll notice the 'Dorbcrest Difference' - an all-round quality and service which exceeds your expectations.

Quite simply, at Dorbcrest Homes we refuse to compromise on the standards, which define our name. Whether we're building desirable family homes in idyllic rural locations or breathing new life into historic and iconic buildings we never forget that the purchase of a new home is one of life's biggest decisions and a time when peace of mind is most valued. Assuring you of that peace of mind is what Dorbcrest Homes is all about.